#1 - How do I become a Navy SWCC?
There are some great resources that the US Navy and the Teams have put up on the Internet.  If you are interested in becoming a Navy SWCC or SEAL, please visit these websites:   or . And, I have a new BCT/CQT gallery that will give you a peek inside the training process.

Also, there is no tried and true method of preparing for SWCC training.  80% of candidates quit or fail training, so you just make sure you are in the absolute best shape of your life, and that mentally you are prepared to endure anything, absolutely anything to earn your place in the Teams.

People sometimes forget that a Navy SWCC is a SOF operator.  You will be required to be proficient, if not a master of, all SOF mission skill requirements.  You are going to jump out of planes and helicopters.  You are going to shoot, move and communicate at a very high level.  This is a Special Forces job and they are going to kick the shit out of you at BCT/CQT so they can find out if you're ready for this or not.

And one last point... if you go SWCC because you think it's easier than BUD/S, I would answer, "maybe... and probably because BUD/S is longer than BCT."  But most BUD/S students wash out in 1st phase anyway.  If you would have quit BUD/S in 1st phase, how the hell are you gonna survive 3 months of Indoc and BCT?  That's the wrong way to approach this.  Either you want to be a SWCC or you want to be a SEAL, plain and simple!
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