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Well, there is the pride of being in an elite Naval Special Warfare unit.  There are the challenges you will face every day of your career.  There is the brotherhood and the life long friends you will make. 

Not enough... how about money?  A Navy SWCC gets his Base Pay and in addition he can get Special Duty Pay, Parachute Pay, Language Pay, and even Sea Pay.  Also, most Navy SWCCs do not live in a barracks unless they choose to do so.   All SWCCs can get Housing Pay and a Food Allowance, and when we deploy overseas, even if you are single, you keep the Housing Pay; something very unique to Naval Special Warfare.   When traveling you may also be eligible to receive a daily per diem.

While serving in pay grades E-1 through E-3, most people feel like they're living at the poverty level .  At the time of my retirement, the Navy was automatically advancing all BCT/CQT graduates to E-4 and there was talk of changing that to an automatic advancement to E-5.  Life is good in the E-4 and E-5 pay grades, and once you make E-6 and above, things get a whole lot better.  There are SWCC E-4's fresh out of BCT/CQT and Airborne School who are making around $4200 a month!

SWCCs are in such high demand right now that the Navy is paying a $25k bonus just for graduating from BCT/CQT.  SWCC re-enlistment bonuses vary with the times, but I have seen them as high as $150k (yes, you read that right, that's $150,000) but right now I hear they are between $25k and $45k.
#2 - What are some of the benefits of being a Navy SWCC?